February 23, 2015

You Rack Disciprine!


These thoughts are from the episode with “You rack a disciprine!” (S9E14).

When the gang is training for martial arts, Cartman tries to do his own moves because he ‘is better than everyone’ the master says “you rack a disciprine” because of course he is Asian. But what got to me was when he says “disciprine comes from within”.

If you think about that, it is true. When you are trying to accomplish goals you need discipline to be able to focus and take the right action.

Well Stan’s dad is supposed to be driving the kids and he is drunk, gets pulled over, gets a DUI and then has to attend AA meetings.

Now, I am an atheist, and what I have heard about the 12 step program is that it involves a lot of godly things, and Stan’s dad Randy points this out when he says “wait, wait, hold on.. I never knew that alcoholic anonymous was a religious thing”. Exactly my thoughts Randy!

So Randy says that the only thing that can “cure” him from his alcoholism is a miracle and Behold! Virgin Mary’s statue starts bleeding from its ass! We have a miracle ladies and gentlemen!

Es un milagro! Es un milagro!

Here’s the question though: “Why do you believe Virgin Mary dripping blood out of her ass?”

Anyway we go back to Stan who goes to the AA meeting where his dad heard that alcoholism is a disease and he isn’t in control and needs divine intervention, (Randy got a little carried away with the word “disease”), and tells everyone that cancer is a disease and all his dad needs is to drink less and “disciprine”. That’s exactly what he needs not some divine intervention. The 12 steps must not work for us non-believers, does it even work for believers?

Randy tries to go to the site of the miracle, but he can’t drive because he is drunk, So he asks Stan to drive him. Of course he thinks he has gotten cured when he comes back from the bleeding statue.

But then the Cardinal that had originally declared the bleeding virgin Mary a miracle, changes his mind and declares it not a miracle.

Now Randy again starts thinking that he isn’t cured, but of course it takes a little kid to point out the obvious that no it wasn’t the miracle that cured Randy but he did it all by himself.

And all Randy needed was some “disciprine”.



February 21, 2015

What Its About!

This is my first post for this blog and I have pretty much seen every single south park episode there is to see. I have seen them most of them more than once and upon watching them a second time, I realized that some of these episodes you can have crazy interpretations to them.

Sometimes there are WTF moments on the show and I want to keep a blog about those moments and want to see if you guys share the same thoughts.

Basically I will put down my over thinking thoughts down onto this blog while watching some episodes. It’s a place where I can blabber about whatever comes to my mind while I’m watching south park.

Some of my favorite episodes are the one with Kanye West and Fish Sticks, Tom Cruise and R.Kelly being trapped in the closet, Man Bear Pig, the one with Paris Hilton coming to south park in her limousine and taking away Butters.

The couple of new seasons has a lot of continuity between episodes, I don’t mind it while I’m watching the season, but I don’t like it when picking a random episode to watch. I feel like I’d have to go back and watch the episodes before that one to enjoy the one I’m about to watch. When I want to watch a random south park episode, I pick the ones from the old seasons because there is no continuity between episodes (apart from a few references). You see what I’m saying?

Some of my opinions will probably piss some people off but hey, that’s what its about. Sparking up debates and pissing contests.

I might post some other south park related stuff here and there, but i’ll mostly be talking about my thoughts on episodes.

Because south park is such an opinionated show, this blog will be opinionated as well. That’s the whole point, shitting on people and calling it entertainment.

Comments section will be open in all the blog posts, but I will filter them if I see something thats doing nothing but trolling, If anyone ever reads this shit.

That’s all I got for now! Peace.